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March 9
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T-H Shinomiya Yurie by VanillaChuu T-H Shinomiya Yurie by VanillaChuu


♔ Shinomiya Yurie♔ 
Yuu-tan, Yuyu, Yuri-kun
168 cm 5'6 ish
Pansexual (Does not judge by gender)
3rd year
♥ Food in general
♥ Dancing
♥ Ice Skating (obviously)
♥ Winter Olympics
♥ Sports in general
♥ Horror Movie//Disney or Animated Movies
♥ Music particularly upbeat songs
♥ Theme-parks
♥ Arcades
✖ Not getting enough sleep
✖ Getting injured
✖ Not a huge fan of metal or screamo music  
✖ Reptiles
✖ Losing 
✖ Public Speaking


[Hardworking and Passionate] Since Yurie competes in Figure Skating shes grown to be very hardworking and passionate about her goals and her talents. She never gives up on her passion and every time she messes up she always manages to get back up on her feet. However sometimes being hardworking takes her away from having fun or relaxing when she really needs to.

[Somewhat- Mature ] : Yurie is mature than most kids in her grade. Shes unlikely to exaggerate or be obnoxious unless if shes in a relaxing environment.  She tends to act a bit more respectful towards people who she meets with for the first time. 

[Selfish: (Self-glorification)] Yurie is quite selfish when it comes to competition, she always wants to be the best in everything she does because of her desperate need to be "important". Winning at competitions and trying her best to be #1 in everything gives her a reason to live. She feels as though she needs to have the recognition in order to truly feel alive and important.

[Strong-willed/Brave]: If Yurie is being bullied or made fun of she will stand up for herself and for others if needed. Shes not afraid stand up to someone who poses as a threat. Once shes made a commitment to do something she will stick by it no matter what.

[Perfectionist] : Yurie is used to perfecting her skills in whatever she does. Sometimes if she fails at something or if nothing goes the way she plans she ends up beating herself down.

[Competitive]: Yurie is quite competitive when it comes to sports or games in general. She likes the excitement of winning and able to beat someone. She has this "I need to be better than everyone" complex :iconpapmingplz:"

[Smart-mouth//intelligent]: Yurie can make some pretty rude comments if shes tested. She knows how to choose her words carefully and what move to make. She usually uses the power of deduction or uses logic to reason with things. 

Yurie "My Childhood was something I wanted to forget but it played a big role in my life and I believe it made me the person who I am today. When I began kindergarten My father, who was a wealthy businessman, remarried to another woman. This woman owned a fashion boutique but she was incredibly vain and I could tell she was only with my father because of the money. My step-mother treated me horribly, calling me names, giving me too many chores, haha...I guess you could say I was a Cinderella in this situation but the abuse she gave me while my father was away caused a lot of problems for me. I believe that was the time i developed and inferiority complex as well...." "A couple months after my father married that wench, they ended up having a daughter together...The baby became my half sister but when she came into the world I noticed that my father was slowing distancing himself from me. It seemed like he valued my other sister more than me but I never knew why. My childhood back then was not pleasant at all but when I watched the winter Olympics for the first time, and saw my role-model, Yuzuru Hanyu, ice skating, I felt inspired to do the same and become an ice skater. 

Elementary School
"By the time I reached Elementary School I was enrolled into taking Ice-Skating classes. My Step-mother supported it since it meant that I would be spending less time with my parents and their child. To be honest, I didn't like the fact that I was spending less time with my father but I practiced everyday in order to make him proud of me, In order to make myself worth something and to be hopefully recognized my family. My dream to be recognized made me practice for hours non-stop. Even when I was injured or in pain I kept practicing on the ice rink. Of course I fell down and messed up during my development but I never gave up because of that small hope. That hope was my fuel for practicing. Years passed by, my little sister grew up, and my skating improved. With the help of my coach, Kaori Shinomiya, I was able to surpass most of the ice skaters in my prefecture. I began to create a name for myself and to be honest, I enjoyed that. Since my skating improved I was qualified to perform with the advanced class. I asked my father to attend but when the performance came he backed out claiming that he had to go to my sister's piano recital. I can remember that day when I performed in front of hundreds of people without fail, I was so proud of myself but it meant nothing because my father wasn't there to see it. I felt so devastated and so worthless when my father chose my sister instead of me, I felt as though all of my hard work and effort was for nothing. That was the time when my inferiority complex began to develop even further. After the performance, I locked myself up in my room and I skipped school and Ice-Skating practice since I deemed myself worthless. Later on, I ended up learning the reason why my father distanced himself from me. The wench whom I called mother managed to steal him away from me by comparing me to my biological mother. I learned that my biological mother left my father and I for another man and that my father was distancing himself from me because I look exactly like her. The wench managed to use his ex-wife as a way to push me out of his life. I even learned that they wanted to send me to a boarding school so that they wouldn't have to deal with me. As much as my father loved me, he couldn't live with the fact that the love of his life left him and that my face was a constant reminder. So at this point I was pretty much in a very dark place. I resumed going back to school and practice but I wasn't the same and my coach noticed it. My coach decided to visit my parents. She told me that when she spoke about me and my skill for ice skating they seemed a bit lost, as though they had no idea what I was capable of. She told me that she had a feeling that something wasn't right when she talked to them. So at practice my coach talked to me personally and I ended up revealing everything. My reason for ice-skating, my situation with my parents, and my inferiority complex, I told her everything that I was keeping in for so long."
"My coach took me in for a couple of days to get me away from the dark environment I was in. She introduced me to her two sons and she gave me the opportunity to see what it was like having a family that was caring. I began to become heavily attached to the Shinomiya Family and my coach ended up adopting me because she truly cared about me. When my coached discussed about the adoption with my parents, the wench was for it but my father was reluctant to accept it. I think that was the time when I felt as though somewhere deep in his corrupted heart he truly cared about me and he didn't want me to go. But of course the wench persuaded him again and I was able to leave the past behind me. With that, I entered the Shinomiya family with open arms. Since the first day I was officially a member of the Shinomiya family I began to live my childhood life with a smile on my face."

Middle School/Junior High
"Years passed since I became a member in the Shinomiya family. I decided to become serious about ice-skating and I diligently practiced everyday to perfect everything. I entered a lot of competitions too in order to support my new family with the money i earned from winning. My coach was a single mom who worked two jobs to support her children, an ice skating coach and a medical assistant. My older brother worked as well while attending school and I did by best to win first place in the competitions in order to bring revenue. We lived a comfortable life but even so we still did our best to support each other. In school, I wasn't bullied at all, I was just reserved because I was too busy studying. My coach didn't like the fact that I wasn't social but even when she tried persuading me to be more involved with school life I declined and focused on ice-skating. My mother soon got a job promotion and she was relocated to Tokyo to be the head ice skating coach at the Arts dancing academy. The arts dancing academy was a massive building with an ice rink and a couple of magnificent dancing studios. My mother didn't decline because she liked the building too much. So we moved to central Tokyo. As for my school I wasn't quite sure where to go. There were some rumors about a fancy high school called Tachikawa High. I decided to go there because it was closer to the academy and the school had a prestigious education background as well. Not only that but my mother pressured me to go to become more social and enjoy my high school years. Although I was a bit reluctant to go to enjoy a "high school" life I was pretty much excited for it because it was going to be an adventure for me.

Summer Before Starting Tachikawa High:
"Well in the summer before the school year started I moved to Tokyo with my family and settled in. I received a couple of gold and silver medals from competitions and I performed here and there to pay for tuition. Overall I just prepared for the new school year and I practiced as usual. But as for my family, My coach got a high paying job and and my little brother enrolled in elementary school. As for my older brother, he got a girlfriend and decided to move in with her for college. Nothing big happened in the summer but I have to admit I felt a bit nervous knowing that I would have to be social with other people and that I had to prepare for the national competition. " 

Additional Info: 

- Yurie cannot cook or paint (or draw) to save her life :iconpapmingplz:

- She ice skates to a lot of music genres besides classical. She finds it more interesting to skate to more upbeat songs than classical in her opinion. 

Voice : Yamai (I know shes singing but I imagine Yurie with her voice) 

-Shes quite weak towards cute girls or cute things in general. 

- Shes a huge fan of Yuzuru Hanyu ---> this sexy mofo right here…

- She can't play Dance Dance Revolution, she just stomps on the arrows and thats it :iconmingplz:

" You may fall once or twice but the more you fall down and get back up the easier it will be to overcome your fears and your problems..."

Kaori Shinomiya: Yurie's adopted mother and her coach
Naoki Shinomiya: Yurie's adopted older brother who works part time and attends college
Tamaki Shinomiya: Yurie's adopted younger brother whos attending elementary school. 


Hino, Tomoe : "I met her at the ballet studio when the ice skating class and the ballet class observed each other. I have to say she is quite talented at dancing; I've never seen someone dance with so much passion and commitment. Although, I'm glad she can't ice skate because if she did....I have a feeling she would beat me."


Feel free to comment or send a note if you'd like to rp <33 ;//v//; yurie can be a meanie but I promise shes not all that bad :iconpapmingplz:
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